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Hey, man. KK Slider here. Travelling musician who just drifts from town to little town, spreading my music as far as I can.

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hatsrus asked : How do you manage to give us a copy of the song while you're still playing?


Brewster’s lighter on his feet than he looks.

snoozingdragon asked : What is the worst thing you've ever worn to a concert?



To clarify, though, the hat and glasses were a (now failed) attempt at trying to stay incognito-rito.

Probably should just just covered the eyebrows and called it a day.

Anonymous asked : Do you have a favorite kind of warm drink to keep away the cold?



No milk and no sugar. That way I keep the buzz flowing.

qteapumpkinpie asked : Kk slide on over and lay one on me ♪(´ε` )

I don’t think that would be very comfortable for you…

Anonymous asked : K.K. Slider? More like K.K. sl- yeah I don't know ur just hot

Yeah, somehow I get that impression.

Anonymous asked : KK Slider? More like, KK slide on over here so I can buy you a cup of coffee~

I prefer this one.

yandergay-deactivated20140406 asked : k.k. slider more like k.k. slide on this dick

k9y asked : 'Aaay! How's your day been so far?

Cold, wet, and rainy.

Thank the jamming powers in the sky that I don’t have to play outside anymore.

mybrainranaway asked : Hey there K.K.! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you! I just wanted to ask, do you have a favourite song in particular for this time of the year? Like a christmas song, or just a song that fits the mood of the season?

All of ‘em, really. Especially “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”.

Not so keen on Carol of the Bells, though. That one’s kind of spooky soundin’.